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Sidari ,Corfu

  • ‎Sidari‎‎ is a settlement at the western end of the northern coast of ‎‎Corfu‎‎, 32 km from the capital. According to the 2011 census, Sidari has 386 inhabitants. The coastline consists of impressive ‎‎silvery‎‎ hills that penetrate into the sea creating coves. The most famous and impressive formation is called ‎‎Canal d'Amour‎‎ ("Channel of Love"), between Sidari and Peroulades. Also in the area there are many underwater caves. Sidari today is an important tourist destination of Corfu, with hotels, rooms to let and restaurants. It has three beaches. From Sidari there is a ferry connection during the summer months with ‎‎Erikoussa‎‎, ‎‎Othonoi‎‎ and ‎Mathraki‎‎ ‎

  • ‎In Sidari traces of a prehistoric settlement have been discovered, which is the only place of the ‎‎Mesolithic period‎‎ that has been investigated in the Ionian islands. The findings in the settlement date from 7770 ±340 years ago, until the ‎‎Bronze Age‎]‎‎. Shells and unpainted, decorated bottles dating back to the 6th millennium BC have been found‎‎]

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‎Roda is 38.5 ‎‎km away‎‎. NW. from corfu ‎‎town‎‎ and is located between ‎‎Acharavi‎‎ (A.) and ‎‎Sidari‎‎ (W.). As a settlement it is officially mentioned in 1981 to be inventoried in the then community of Karousades‎‎[‎‎. According to the ‎‎plan Kallikratis‎‎ and after its amendment in ‎‎2019‎‎, together with Agios Ioannis, Astrakeri and Karousades, they constitute the municipal community of Karousades, which belongs to the ‎‎municipal unit of Esperion‎‎ in the ‎‎municipality of North Corfu‎‎]‎ and according to the ‎‎2011 census‎‎ it has a population of 89 inhabitants‎‎]‎‎. ‎

‎The area was inhabited in antiquity, as evidenced by several building remains. The remains of a Doric temple of classical times, west of the modern settlement, are the most important finding of the site. In ‎‎1939‎‎ the Archaeological Society excavated a Doric pavilion temple (6 x 11) and brought to light the crepidoma as well as parts of its roof, e.g. cornices with written decoration, clay anthems and marble capes. The temple dates back to the ‎‎5th century BC‎‎. In ‎‎the year 1930‎‎, the then Ephor of Antiquities, Ioannis Papadimitriou, located columns of the church in the area that bore the name "Agios Georgios of the pillars", from where other spolia came from that were used in modern buildings of the settlement of Roda. In ‎‎1939‎‎, the Archaeological Society, headed again by Papadimitriou, carried out the first excavation at the site during which the ‎‎crepidoma‎‎, the walls and important parts of the superstructure of the church came to light. In ‎‎1967‎‎, in excavations of the Archaeological Service under the Superintendent Georgios Dontas, the rectangular altar east of the church was also found. ‎

‎Many of the findings of the excavations are exhibited in the ‎‎Archaeological Museum of Corfu‎‎.


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